If you’ve never heard of the The Princess Bride, I don’t know where you’ve been. I, like most, I’m sure, was first introduced to ThePrincess Bride in movie form. In fact, it is one of my favorite movies of all time. I’ve had the unfortunate luck however, that I’ve bought the movie on DVD four times over the course of several years, and each time, … Continue reading Inconceivable!

Resistance is Futile – Or is it?

One of the major themes that you will see me repeat time and time again in this blog is that you should be reading to your children. Today’s book, Titan Base by Eric S. Nylund, is a great read for anyone who enjoys action and adventure, and yes, a little mystery too. Titan Base is book 3 in the 4-book series called The Resisters. The … Continue reading Resistance is Futile – Or is it?

Dinosaurs and Field Guides

Two more books for the Abandoned books list: The Dinosaur Lords by Victor Milan Men and women live on Paradise, but dinosaurs predominate. Colossal plant-eaters like Brachiosaurus, terrifying meat-eaters like Allosaurus, and, the most feared of all, Tyrannosaurus rex rule the land. Seeking to centralize real power in his figurehead Fanged Throne, Emperor Felipe of Nuevaropa sets off a chain of wars that may blaze … Continue reading Dinosaurs and Field Guides

Ay! Ye be needin ta be readin with yer kids, ya scallywag!

During a recent trip to the library, I spotted this book on a small table with books marked as “Last Chance!” I assumed that this meant the books on the table were about to be removed from circulation if they weren’t borrowed soon. With its attractive, colorful cover, which is a picture of two children swinging from ropes into or over a blazing fire, I thought, “That looks interesting!” so, I borrowed it, in an attempt to save the poor book from being withdrawn. Continue reading Ay! Ye be needin ta be readin with yer kids, ya scallywag!